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Last weekend I was baptized and confirmed into the Catholic Church. Faith is something my generation is meant to be casting aside, not taking up.

So he have to send us indirect signs, guidance, prophecies. Something that explains his purpose of our existance.I also read the shortest book of his I could find, .I expected—and wanted—to find bigotry and illogicality that would vindicate my atheism. If there were evident signs everyone would have been true believer.One must have been created other, than other is not a god. Theory of many gods contradicts with absolute power of god.

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  1. “We feel so happy and so excited,” the couple told shortly after exchanging vows in a ceremony Duggar described as “surreal.” Due to the VERY strict Duggar dating rules, members of this controversial family are scarcely permitted to make any physical contact when dating. Obviously they can't have sexual relations until they are married...