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Fish dating ireland

Various people have reported ghostly singing and figures wandering the area.

Most of these ghosts appear to be residual haunting (certain events playing over and over again) from the building’s history, oblivious of what is going around.

The Killakee House in Dublin was particularly unfortunate in this respect, because the cat stalking its halls and grounds was clearly supernatural, if it was an animal at all.There are at least two variations of his legend: Some say his lover was taken away and he was found stabbed through the heart, while others claim he hanged himself for seemingly no reason at all.In both versions of the story, Puck vowed to haunt and protect the castle after his death.Welcome to Cork, Ireland’s second largest city and gateway to the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland’s Ancient East.Apart from the vibrant and compact city of Cork itself which boasts a plethora of food markets, creative eateries, snug pubs, entertainment and cultural pursuits, further afield you’ll discover its enchanting coastline with an endless succession of charming old fishing towns and villages, wild beaches and jagged peninsulas.

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Despite all this, believers in the phenomenon stand by their claims.

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