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In the interim, you’ve been pregaming, or perhaps pre-celebrating.

Then, hey — you discover this invite isn’t for tonight at all. Is it time to celebrate, or time to just go about your business as usual?

California's commercial cannabis rollout was the big New Year's marijuana headline. Imagine, after many years of anticipation, you finally receive an invitation to that big party.

Once you’ve learned them all, move on to the next section where I’ll teach you the good stuff. Havaianas Dairy – A convenience store, corner store, or mini supermarket. Buggered – Very tired Fizzy drink – Soda Mince – Ground beef Hot chips – French fries Kai – Maori word for food Chocka Block – Crowded/busy Pissed – Drunk Cuppa – A hot drink, usually short for “cup of coffee” or “cup of tea” Jumper – A jersey or sweatshirt Angus – Someone with an anger problem Hungus – Someone who eats too much Easy enough? Now try wrap your head around these ones: – When I’m with my friends I use this in almost every sentence. It’s not reserved for good friends, you can say it to anyone, like the mailman or a taxi driver. Example: – This could be considered a shortened version of “far out” (or the F word, I’m actually not sure) which can be used to express both excitement and disappointment.The state received its final payment of .5 million in April 2017.On top of that was a guarantee that future tobacco settlement payments would shrink, which would, in turn, negatively impact revenue directed toward numerous social service programs.The fact that smoking is down nationwide has also negatively affected settlement funds — which are based on annual cigarette sales — as well as state sales taxes derived from cigarette and tobacco purchases. %related-post-2% Colorado voters passed Amendment 64 in 2012, legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana to adults.The following year, voters passed a 15 percent excise tax on wholesale marijuana.

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Those funds have been shrinking in recent years, however, leaving state legislators to explore other revenue sources to fill the gap.

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