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Spellmaster online dating

Don't worry if you missed any character events, as all of them will reappear post-game.

At the end of this step, you will have the following trophies: Super Player All These 100,000 Yuld Mithril Pieces...!

Walkthrough: Step 1: Complete the main story on Easy difficulty while levelling up any one Sword Skill, Magic Skill, or Special Skill to Level 500.

In this step, just casually play through the main story while completing any side quests you run into.

At the end of this step, you will have the following trophies: Ki-bo's a Playah A Deeper Bond: Lisbeth A Deeper Bond: Asuna Swordmaster Spellmaster Skill Master Skill Maniac Contractor Bounty Hunter Sword of Kings Step 3: Clean up.

In this step, clean up any trophies you might have missed.

Accessory Collector Weapon Collector Annihilator of Enemies A Game Where You Can Die Is Too Easy! Guys Night Out Girls Ops It's Just Like Old Times Your Adventure.

Being a Solo Player Isn't So Bad Slayer of Enemies Lisbeth's Smithy Appreciates Your Patronage!

NOTE: This guide is based on the localized version of the game for PS4.

Also, drop by the weapon shop every now and then to complete festival events for the Ki-bo's a Playah trophy.

If you followed this step carefully, you will have the following trophies at the end of this step: Welcome to Alfheim Online!

First, you will want to recruit Sumeragi for the A Worthy Rival trophy, which you can then use to finish off any remaining grinding.

Next, complete the requirements for the Sword of Kings trophy.

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You will be grinding out weapon skill level at the end of the game for the Skill Maniac trophy.

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