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Also, you wouldn't believe the number of Chevrolet's that were painted the popular 1968-69 Pontiac color, "Verdoro Green"!I even remember a fair number of cars being ordered in the 1970 Chrysler color "Plum Crazy"!Literally any color under the rainbow was available, except for the Cadillac Fire mist colors.The pricing for a solid color "Special Paint" would vary between no charge and 5.00. If the customer was a fleet account, or if the dealer would order multiple vehicles in the same color, the pricing would be n/c.GM special paint info from numerous website discussions with Jim Mattison (former COPO office at GM) and owner of Pontiac Historical Services.It appears that your car was special ordered through the Chevrolet Fleet & Special Order Department (many of you folks call it the COPO Group).Let me know if I can be of any other help to decipher the color.Jim Mattison The prefix "767" denotes that the color is Du Pont metallic wheel enamel. I am reasonably sure that I didn't process this order, and yes, the entire wheel on this Chevelle SS would have been painted gold.

It would be so much easier to explain in more detail.

While this color may in fact be for Daytona Yellow, it could also be for some other yellow, including a truck color, or a yellow from another car manufacturer.

The paint information that was stamped on your trim tag was supposed to be able to assist you or your body shop to identify the "special paint" color, if repair or re-painting was needed at a later date.

This was a very popular special order color on trucks, but some cars were ordered with it too! The "1001HA" is the pricing code for the special paint.

The charges for a solid color special paint would vary from no charge (1001AA) to 5.00 (1001HA).

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Colors that were current production, but on a different model, would also require our approval.